About Us

Bringing an ancient craft, to contemporary homes!

We Work Hard To Provide You With The Most Beautiful Ceramic Collectibles For Your Homes

Studio Nendo is an artisanal brand, focusing on craftsmanship and the human touch. The
brand specialises in handmade ceramic tableware products which are precariously made on
the potter’s wheel and finished over a period of several weeks to achieve meticulous detail
and quality. Nendo is a Japanese word that refers to the sculpting of clay. All of our
products are made by trained potters using stoneware clay which is then fired twice at high
temperatures in a kiln. Ceramic tableware is known to be one of the most
hygienic tableware to use and it lasts a long time. Studio Nendo is a brand for people who
adore charm, character and the sheer beauty embodied by handmade products.

Our Company

We are led by Srishti Sindhu, an arts college graduate and graphic designer. Following a brief stint in advertising, Srishti grew an insatiable desire for clay and Studio Nendo was born. Her curiosity has led to the creation of handmade functional tableware for eclectic homes.

A brand for the lovers of imperfections, Studio Nendo doesn’t shy away from creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces, ones that cannot be replicated. Each piece is created by a potter’s own hands and touched at least fifty times through each process, from its conception to the finished product. Our company believes in all perspectives of artistry, whether it be the power of the human hand or the brain behind machinery and technology.

We are bringing to you an escapade to ancient times. Pottery, an age-old craft, turns mud into a vessel of utility as well as beauty. We take pride in bringing the beautiful craft of studio pottery to modern homes.

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Pottery is not just a vessel to eat food, or drink your favourite beverage out of, these are collectible pieces that can be passed down to future generations as a family heirloom.