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  • Studio Nendo’s take on a traditional French Butter Crock.

    French Butter Dish: A French butter dish is essentially a way of storing butter at room temperature without the use of refrigeration. This unique design consists of two parts, a bottom vessel and a top lid. The bottom vessel is used to store room temperature or cold water while the butter goes inside the top lid. The butter is stored upside down submerged in water, which creates a seal inside the vessel, ensuring that your butter remains at room temperature for as long as you want, a perfect spreadable consistency, without using a refrigerator.

    “Butter Me Up!” French butter Bells is our quirky little take on this amazing, genius design. It is meticulously made on a potter’s wheel with accurate measurements to make sure the design functions. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves good design, likes quirky pieces and most of all appreciate the craftsmanship.

    Our French Butter Boxes are called “bells” because they create a beautiful bell-like sound when the lid is opened or closed on the bottom box.

    Things to Note:

    1. Not suitable for extremely hot climates
    2. The butter may fall off if not stored or packed properly in the lid
    3. Fill the butter dish base one-third way up with COLD WATER.
    4. The butter dish should be cleaned properly with soap/water upon each butter stick refill
    5. Water should be changed/top upped every 1-2 days with fresh cold water
    6. Butter should be packed in the dish when it's still cold from refrigeration
    7. The ideal room temperature for a butter dish is 26 Degree Celsius
    8. Butter can stay fresh up to a month in the French dish in ideal temperatures
    9. House should be kept cool 


  • Specifics:

    • Material: Ceramic
    • Capacity: Easily holds 100gms of butter
    • Handmade with Love
    • From our hands to yours
    • Shipping Time: 1-2 weeks
    • No exchange/No Return
    • There will be glaze (colour pay-off) variation among each piece due to the nature of the handmade crafts.
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